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The lady Buddha's name is Guan Yin. Before she became a Buddha, she was a doctor and saved a lot of people's lives. If you are a lady trying to get pegnant, then Guan Yin is the best 
choice for you. Guan Yin is for good luck, lady's power, protection, love, and peace. If you are single and looking for a lady, you can put Guan Yin on the right side of the house to atrract
a lady. If your lady is always going out or her job requires her to stay away from you, then you can put Guan Yin on the right side of the house so she can be close to you. 
If your lady has a car accident, has an incident where she gets injured badly, loses her job easily, or unemployed, then you need to put Guan Yin on the right side of the house so she   
can regain her power back. If Guan Yin carries a baby, this represents fertility. If Guan Yin carries a ruyi, this represents for wishes to come true. If Guan Yin carries bottle, this 
represents wisdom to guide you to resolve difficult situations. If Guan Yin has a lot of arms which carry different tools, this is called Thousand Hands Guan Yin Buddha.  The Thousand 
Hands Guan Yin Buddha has a lot of tools to guide you, give you strength, and resolve different issues and situations. If Guan Yin is standing or sitting on a lotus flower, this 
represents love and peace. It's good to burn incense in front of the Guan Yin for good luck and make wishes. If you get a Guan Yin 
from Lucky Village, our Guan Yin from us is blessed. If you get a Guan Yin from somewhere else, you need to burn incense for at least 3 years in front of it so Guan Yin can start working for you. You 
shouldn't pick out a Guan Yin because of price; you should pick out a Guan Yin by the one that feels it is right for you. When you get a Guan Yin from us, you need to burn 9 sticks of incense for the 
household in front of Guan Yin and tell Guan Yin to protect the family. Then, each family member needs to burn 3 sticks of incense after the 9 sticks of incense for the household are burned.  
After you make a wish, make sure you place the incense sticks in front of Guan Yin. After the 1st day of burning incense, you need to burn 3 incense sticks a day for the household/ family 
members for the rest of your life. After you finish burning the 3 incense sticks, you can add 1 more stick if you want to meditate in front of Guan Yin in the same day.  
If you want to place fruit in front of Guan Yin, this is good. An apple represents safety, an orange represents money/ financial, and honey will get rid of envy. 
If you know you're going to have a bad luck year, you need to place honey in front of Guan Yin on January 1st. After a couple of days, it's ok to eat the fruits and honey. 
If your house has a ghost, then you definitely need to get Guan Yin from Lucky Village because Guan Yin has a strong positive power to protect you from the negative energy. 
You need to burn 9 incense sticks for 49 days straight (7 days x 7 weeks = 49 days).Try to open all your windows and doors so the sun can shine in your house for positive energy.
You also need to cleanse the house counterclockwise with 9 burning incense sticks starting from the front door. If you have a 2 story house, 
the rules are the same by cleansing counterclockwise and starting from the front door with 9 burning incense sticks on both floors. 




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