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Lucky Village opened in 2000. Lucky Village at the time was selling oriental gift items and lucky items. In 2005, Ping Leeka became the owner and changed Lucky Village by carrying Feng Shui items to help people out throughout their years with better luck. In 2006 to present, Ping Leeka started offering BaZi Readings, Chinese Zodiac Readings, Face and Palm Readings, Qiu Qian Fortune Sticks Reading, Buddha Cards Reading and Feng Shui Consulting. Lucky Village will continue focusing on Feng Shui items and being more professionally involved with clientele. Previous locations were in South Park Mall and North Star Mall by the Cheesecake Factory. Now Lucky Village is located in Ingram Park Mall on the first floor between Macys and Dillards and 115 E. Travis St. Suite 105, San Antonio, TX 78205.

   INGRAM RETAIL STORE: 6301 NW LOOP 410 SUITE S04, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78238                                                       





Ping Leeka was born in Guangzhou, China where she spent all of her childhood with an interest in Feng Shui, Chinese Zodiacs, and many different readings. Feng Shui is very well known in Guangzhou and Hong Kong and Ping Leeka had to travel to be able to take classes to learn more about Feng Shui. When she was young, she discovered she had a 6th sense because she could see events happening before they actually happened. She was able to foresee her father passing away because of surgery. At the time of her father's death, Ping was 13 years old. She would go to the market by herself because her mom was depressed and her little brother was very shy. Ping would pick up leftover food from the ground and trashcans as her family was not in a good situation. With this experience, Ping was able to understand what poor really was at a young age. Because of the situation, Ping now appreciates what she has and wants to help poor families because in her struggles, no one seemed to help her or her family.

She also envisioned friends getting hurt by their partners cheating on them. She would try to help them by letting them know what she envisioned but they didn't listen. Unfortunately, the events would always come true. As she continued to grow and study, she was able to tell her 6th sense was growing stronger and still till this day, it's getting even more powerful.

After growing up in China, Ping decided to come to America as a student at University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. While Ping was in the U.S., one of her closest friends from high school passed away by suicide. Ping had been helping this individual though out high school because she sensed struggling and death in her friend's life. Ping fell into a depression because she felt she didn't help her friend enough after high school. When Ping started seeing a clear path, she decided to help as many people as she could so they could limit struggling and move on with their life.

A year later, she married and began to work at a store called Lucky Village. Ping Leeka had only been an employee until she bought Lucky Village in 2005 and began doing palm readings and zodiac fortune readings professionally. In 2006, she started performing face readings, BaZi readings, Feng Shui consulting, dream readings, element readings, and hand cleansings. In 2010, Ping Leeka and her hard working staff made a book about the 2011 zodiac fortune and the book sold out! During the year, Ping Leeka was very busy with Feng Shui appointments in Texas. In 2011, people wanted to be enlightened with Ping's knowledge and Ping started teaching classes. Because of the success, Ping started offering a Lucky Village Membership and a lot of people took advantage to improve their life with positive energy. In 2012, Ping Leeka and Lucky Village started working with Univision and Radio Formula to reach and help more people in the world. Because of the air waves, Ping Leeka was able to help a tremendous amount of people In Mexico and the U.S. and a lot of issues were successfully resolved. In 2013, Ping had numerous Feng Shui appointments in China and had finally reached international status.

On November 13, 2013, Ping Leeka became the Chairwoman of the USA Feng Shui Association. Ping's dream had finally come true with this organization. The USA Feng Shui Association is a non-profit organization. The USA Feng Shui Association wants to help unfortunate people with Feng Shui to gain positive energy.

"Our goal is to make you become the best of you"
Ping Leeka
Chairwoman of USA Feng Shui Association

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