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There are three important meanings in your whole life. The first is your BaZi DNA. BaZi means you will know what will happen in your life because it's already been chosen for you. All this is based from God; we can't change it, neither will natural human influential's. When the country changes (ex: if the countries are at war or natural disasters happen in your area) it means that the natural conditions concerning energy flow will impede in your life. Meaning we can only help them so much because some of their life has been already drained from them (ex. Stress factors, life threatening situations, war). Coming to Lucky Village will help you in balancing out your energies and the worlds energies around you.

The second is about your luck which is based on your Zodiac Fortune. This is basic from the month and year you were born. Asia has over 6,000 year's knowledge on this information already. The information is followed by the moon, stars, and the sun. We've used that information since 2006, and we've had many successful cases with people. This also means this does not only work on just Asian people, but also everyone else as well. This is about knowledge only and not based on religion. If you still feel confused, you can come to Lucky Village to ask for your sign and information to understand your luck for that specific year.

The third is Feng Shui. Feng Shui mostly has to do with the inside and outside energy of the house. You want to try to have a positive energy in your house so you can have positive results. When you have a positive house, your life situations change. Your money gets better, your relationship will grow, you'll be feeling better at work, and the arguments will ease. You can come to Lucky Village where you can speak to Ping Leeka about having a Feng Shui consultation for your home or business to improve your life style.

These are the three steps we should follow to improve our lives. If we succeed on the first and second steps, we will know who we are and how to help ourselves. If you know you're not going to be as prosperous, you will need to accept the information and be happy on what you can receive. If we know we are going to have some kind of sickness, we should get a physical with the doctor to prepare and eliminate the toxins in the body. Also we can check to see what talents or interests you have that would be healthy for your lifestyle for easy success. As humans we are like a big tree, the first and second steps are like the trees roots. The third step is giving a vitamin to the tree. So if you want to live prosperously, we have to fix the roots first not just fill ourselves with nutrients.



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